Commandant's page

The 2013-14 school year has come to a conclusion.  On behalf of the entire APA family of professional educators and staff I, as CEO, would like to thank the families who have entrusted APA with faith and confidence in providing the highest quality educational opportunity for their children.  This year has witnessed a tremendous growth and positivity in student performance as reflected by state test scores and data.  Our graduating class of 60 cadets reflects admissions to some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation, including the Ivy League.  Other cadets have committed to proudly serve our nation in active military service.

There should also be a tremendous thank you to the administrative and teaching staff of APA.  Our educators are asked to accomplish performance standards while working with so much less than other public schools.  In the state of Indiana, Charter Schools (public schools) receive not one dollar from personal property tax dollars for school capital projects as do all other public schools.  This leaves APA with a huge financial burden.  Our teachers raise our students to levels of success, proven by our college admissions, and yet do so with less than half of the resources of other public school instructors. 

APA proudly looks forward to another successful school year in 2014-15, and, on behalf of the APA I wish everyone a wonderful summer break!


Robert Guillaume

Anderson Preparatory Academy