Commandant's page

I would like to encourage all of APA parents and care givers to please partner with us for a successful “state testing” spring season.  The I-Read, ISTEP+, NWEA, and ECA exams are extremely important toward student success and school success.  How can you help as a parent or care giver?  It is simple.

  • Please check our school’s calendar on the Web Site to find those testing dates in March and April
  • Please see to it that your student gets a good night’s rest the night prior to testing
  • Proper nutrition is very important the week of testing, not just the day prior to testing
  • And, please see to it that your student is present at school for testing.  Please adjust such aspects as doctor / dentist appointments, etc.  It is serious, in the eyes of the state, that your child be present for testing.

Working together we will see our students through a very successful spring testing. 

Robert Guillaume

Anderson Preparatory Academy