APA is an Indiana 'A' rated school!
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This November witnessed an election day.  I would hope, if you are a parent that appreciates APA, that you will take to heart the following and spread the word, and focus your voting in the future accordingly, and contact elected officials, based upon the following facts.   I would ask that you contact your elected state officials and voice your opinion on the following:

APA is a “Public” charter school.  Thus, as you know, we charge no tuition as do private schools.

However, all other district public schools receive large sums of state funding for Capital Projects, Technology, and Transportation.  Public charter schools in Indiana, such as APA receive none of this funding.

Your child might attend APA but your property tax dollars are supporting another public school, not APA.

I reside in Knightstown, Indiana just south of Anderson.  My local school district has about 1,300 students.  APA has over 850 students.  Our “general operations” budgets are similar.  However, here is the major difference.  Knightstown will receive about $1,000,000 in state funds for Capital Projects.  APA receives NONE.  Knightstown will receive about $1,000,000 in state funds for transportation.  APA  receives NONE.  

Our local district will receive millions in Capital projects funding from the state….APA will receive NONE.

Is this equitable or fair?  Not at all.  Is it fair that your child attends a public school but your property tax dollars go elsewhere?  Not at all.

Just think,  APA has attained the status of being a state “A” rated corporation with millions of dollars less than other public schools.  How much more could we do for your child if we were allocated our share of state funding?

It is time to make your voice heard!  Support APA!

Robert Guillaume

Anderson Preparatory Academy