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Commandant's page

This winter season has started off with some very tricky weather conditions.  Severe cold, snow and ice since the first of the year have made daily school considerations difficult.  As you realize, APA does not operate with a two week spring break.  We have policy that explains our planned snow make-up.  At this point we have to make up three days.  Those days will be made up on Monday, January 19th,  Friday, February 20th and  Monday, February, 23rd.  Our choices for make- up days after utilizing these days will be to either lengthen the school year or conduct Saturday school sessions.  Hopefully our winter will improve moving forward.  However, Indiana winter is very unpredictable.

APA is doing all that we can to maintain our outside infrastructure in concern of the elements.  Plowing, spreading salt, etc., are actions we are doing to improve conditions.  However, everyone needs to use extreme caution to dress warmly, walk carefully, and be aware of outside conditions.  There are days when our APA cadets are in military uniform.  Our staff has repeatedly informed our cadets to dress warmly, and to wear shoes or boots to school that are conducive to the weather conditions.  Cadets can put on their military shoes once in school.  I realize that being in fashion is popular with young people.  However, extremely cold temperatures and less than ideal outside conditions are serious health and safety concerns.

For the parents of our APA students who drive to school.  Please be sure your child has a good car battery.  Last week the battery in my personal truck went dead and caught me by surprise.  Many of our cadets have practice and / or events after school.  The last thing anyone wants is a stranded students with a bad battery and a vehicle that will not start.

We are all looking forward to April…..ha!   But let’s work together to make it through the next couple of months of winter.  Thank you.

Robert Guillaume

Anderson Preparatory Academy