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Each will be given time, no matter what level they are working in academics, to explore and develop ideas for subjects that they love.  The activities will be guided from a central control center.  Cadets will help set their own topic, research, make deadlines, choose Indiana standards to be mastered, create rubrics for evaluating their own work, and much more.  By February 1st, when a cadet is asked, “What is your passion?” the hope is that they start talking with such enthusiasm and excitement that we will have to ask that they tell us in multiple sessions.
Stay tuned.  APA wants students to be passionate about their learning.  Some may plan their own business, career, marketing, inventions – wherever their minds and hearts lead them based on sound character and positive principles.
When one of our staff visited High Tech High School in California, one outstanding example of a passion project was sitting in the foyer.  It was a submarine!  Not a cut out, poster board, model, drawing…  a real submarine.  Not that we would have taken a ride… but the students that created it did.  It was used to identify coral reefs and other lawful activities.  
We can’t wait to ask our cadets, “What is YOUR passion?”