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APA Online Academy

APA Online Academy

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APA Online Academy

   What is APA Online?
APA Online was established in 2020 as a response to COVID-19 to offer families an alternative to attending class in-person. APA Online is committed to providing a quality alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar experience. As a part of the APA family, we offer the same digital curriculum used on-campus, follow the same academic calendar, and offer opportunities for extra-curricular activities and sports, all while allowing cadets the flexibility to work at their own pace*.

 APA Online cadets are assigned to a Learning Coach/Online Teacher. Generally, Learning Coaches post daily assignments to Google Classroom, lead skills workshops and teach direct lessons using Zoom or Google Meets, post video lessons, and work with cadets individually to help goal-set, reflect, and maintain accountability. Want to learn more about APA Online? 

Click here to contact Lt. Morrison via email, Director of APA Online.
Please click the provided link below for Lt. Morrison's YouTube channel.

*Cadets enrolled in APA Online are expected to demonstrate academic progress weekly. Cadets have the option to work through course materials faster than the recommended time, or using their own teacher-approved schedule. Cadets will work with their Learning Coaches to set weekly growth goals and to build their schedules. Grades are entered into Skyward weekly based on Grade Level Equivalency in Moby Max (K-5) and/or using the “actual grade” from Edgenuity (6-12). The “actual grade” takes the level a cadet is working at and deducts points for any lack of progress and is meant to help encourage cadet accountability.

APA Online Teachers
  • K-2: Mr. John Hayden  Click here to contact
  • 3-5:  Mrs. Betty VanAlstyne  Click here to contact
  • 6-8:  Mr. Derek Kramer  Click here to contact
  • 9-12: Mr. Myron Applegate (Attendance, Classroom Posts, and monitoring Edgenuity)  Click here to contact

APA Online Mentors (grades 9-12)**
**The online mentors have a roster of Academy cadets enrolled in APA Online that they check-in with two-to-three times per week using Zoom or Google Meet. The mentor role is to help students reflect and goal-set, and they provide an extra layer of accountability.

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