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More jobs today require higher levels of education. A college preparatory education is a great way to jumpstart your child’s education and prepare them for the future.

Starting in Kindergarten, our accelerated learning programs sharpen the skills needed for the rigorous academics of college. Requirements of advanced reading, writing, communications, and mathematical skills give students more options in college and increase their earning potential in the workplace.

Striving to have no more than 88-92 students per grade level, our state-accredited, licensed, and certified teachers provide students with one-on-one attention. Structured nurturing programs and mentoring teachers assist students with the values and principles needed for personal success.

Our curriculum meets and exceeds state standards. At the high school level, students may be able to develop their own course tracking. As a result, many students will meet Indiana’s Core 40 requirements for graduation by the end of 11th grade or first semester of the 12th grade. Students may then proceed with college-level courses and dual-credit opportunities to further enhance their preparation for college, apprenticeship programs, military training, and joining the nation’s workforce.

Core subjects include language arts, math, science, and social studies. JROTC, physical education, world languages, fine arts, and computer applications complete the required courses for graduation.

Success in the classroom must come before all else. Students must pass all their classes and carry a minimum grade point average before permitted to represent APA in sports. We offer a variety of sports and activities to students, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, baseball, tennis, and football.

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