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Pre-Academy 6-8

Pre-Academy 6-8

Voice Recognition

Pre-Academy (6-8)

**A note from the desk of Miss. Mallory McCullough--Pre Academy Academic Dean**

Anderson Preparatory Pre-Academy, serves students in grades 6-8 in one of the most crucial periods in their development. Our Pre-Academy works towards empowering students to be successful leaders academically and socially. APA provides the foundation and training necessary to prepare today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders. The Pre-Academy is in the transition to a restorative justice approach to classroom management and discipline with a high focus on the social-emotional learning within each of the grade levels that are developmentally appropriate. The small class size (100 or less students per grade level) allows differentiated and individualized instruction in a blended rotation methodology providing a superior education.  We are committed to high moral and ethical values, high individual expectations and achievement. The Pre-Academy works hard every day with our students to accomplish our vision. Cultivate Scholars. Empower Leaders. Instill Core Values.


Miss Mallory McCullough

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