Mark Dickson

Mark Dickson
Director of Technology
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Building/Department Assignments:
Anderson Preparatory Academy - Office

Phone Numbers
765 649-8472 x 5208 [Office]

Biographical Information:

I am the Director of Technology at APA.  This is my second year in this position and prior to that I taught high school courses for 12 years and was the Assistant I.T. Director for 6 years at APA.  This is my 8th year at APA.  My teaching career began in at an international English-speaking school in Moscow, Russia, where I taught Technology and Social Studies courses. I enjoy traveling with my family and have been to more than 30 countries.  I enjoy learning about other cultures and life in other countries.  Me, my wife, and son go to visit family in Russia annually.  I look forward to seeing APA continue to grow as I serve the technology needs of our students and staff!

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