ACADEMICS Excellence leads to opportunity. Opportunity leads to success. The results speak for themselves as many APA students skip grades, graduate early, and attend specialized programs like The Indiana Academy.

APA Online Academy

APA Online was established in 2020 as a response to COVID-19 to offer families an alternative to attending class in-person. APA Online is committed to providing a quality alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar experience. As a part of the APA family, we offer the same digital curriculum used on-campus, follow the same academic calendar, and offer opportunities for extra-curricular activities and sports, all while allowing cadets the flexibility to work at their own pace*.

 APA Online cadets are assigned to a Learning Coach/Online Teacher. Generally, Learning Coaches post daily assignments to Google Classroom, lead skills workshops and teach direct lessons using Zoom or Google Meets, post video lessons, and work with cadets individually to help goal-set, reflect, and maintain accountability. Want to learn more about APA Online? 

Click here to contact Lt. Morrison via email, Director of APA Online.

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Elementary K-5

At APA Elementary, we are focused on meeting the needs of the whole-child by using a holistic approach to working with our cadets. We cultivate scholars by using a rotational learning model that allows us to address the individual academic needs of each cadet. Throughout the day Cadets progress through digital curricula designed to meet cadets at their “just-right” levels, direct instruction provided by the teacher through small group lessons, and project based learning. Students are able to engage in a robust, diverse, and inclusive academic experience driven by our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) initiative both in the classrooms and our new state of the art MakerSpace (STEAM lab).

In addition, we believe that social-emotional learning (SEL) is as important as our academic content. We incorporate the Indiana Department of Education’s SEL competencies into our daily classroom routines. We empower leaders by using The Leader in Me curriculum which immerses cadets in learning and applying important leadership skills, such as organizational strategies, how to collaborate with others, and how to self-advocate as they learn and master The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. The Leader in Me helps establish the foundation for the military-style culture (that leads to a greater focus in the Pre-Academy and Academy) by incorporating leadership traits and strategies as well as helps student prepare to be valuable members of their community. APA handles cadet behavior through restorative practices, which includes self-reflection and regulation, as well teaches students strategies to create positive, long-lasting change and instills core values in our cadets. We use a logical consequence approach when applying discipline strategies to ensure cadets are learning and growing through their mistakes.

APA Elementary works hard every day with our cadets to accomplish our vision. Cultivate Scholars. Empower Leaders. Instill Core Values.


Captain Adam Fraley

Pre-Academy 6-8

Hello APA Families,

Anderson Preparatory Academy is a home to many, and we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment for all students. Anderson Preparatory Pre-Academy serves students in grades 6-8 in one of the most crucial periods in their development. At Anderson Preparatory Academy, we constantly evaluate our educational mission to consistently meet the diverse needs of our students. As a result, the Pre-Academy is empowering students to be successful leaders both mentally and academically. The Pre-Academy is transitioning to a restorative justice approach to classroom management and discipline, with a high focus on social emotional learning within each grade level that is developmentally appropriate. We are also moving towards a hands-on approach to learning, using STEM and project-based learning as our instructional foundations. The small class sizes (100 or less students per grade level) allow for individualized and differentiated instruction in a blended rotation methodology providing a superior education. These foundations are crucial and necessary to prepare today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders. We are committed to high moral and ethical values, high individual expectations, and achievement. The Pre-Academy works hard every day with our students to accomplish our vision. Cultivate Scholars. Empower Leaders. Instill Core Values.

Yours in education,

Miss Mallory McCullough

Dr. Jennifer Nahlik

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Academy 9-12

 Anderson Preparatory Academy is a rigorous college preparatory curriculum of liberal arts and sciences. Committed to helping students meet and exceed even their own personal expectations, we require every student to serve the community and strongly encourage families to participate in their child’s education.

Academy students are required a minimum of 41 credits to obtain their diploma with academic honors diplomas requiring 47 credits. Challenging and engaging AP courses are available to Academy students. APA also partners with Purdue University, PFW, Ball State, Anderson University, and Ivy tech offering 15 onsite and numerous online dual credit courses for students interested in pursuing college credit while in high school.