anderson preparatory academy. the next generation of leaders starts here

Cultivate Scholars,

Empower Leaders, Instill Core Values.

Anderson Preparatory Academy (APA)

APA is a leadership school that uses our military backing as a vehicle to develop young leaders in Indiana. Our mission is to cultivate scholars, empower leaders, and instill core values. We do this through alignment with our schools' core pillars: academics, leadership, and citizenship. Students learn in intimate, structured class settings and our educators emphasize project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and STEM in their instruction. We instill leadership skills and a sense of community through military-based training and extracurricular activities, enabling students to excel in whichever post-graduation paths they pursue and to contribute to their communities.

Why Enroll at Anderson Preparatory Academy?

The first thing that you notice when you come to APA is our students look a little different.  Perhaps it is the uniform that is pressed and clean.  Or how our students stand a little taller than their peers.  Or how they look you in the eye when they speak to you.  Perhaps it is when our students respond with a “yes ma’am” and a “no sir”.  For students at APA, their time with us is about learning.  Not only learning the school subject matter but learning who they are and who they will become.

APA is committed to:

  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Academic Excellence

  • Preparation for the Jobs of Tomorrow

  • Opportunities to Explore a Diverse Range of Interests

  • A Safe Environment to Learn and Grow

Watch Fabi's Shadow-Me Video

Cheerleading student

Important Enrollment Dates

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 School year is now open. 

Applications are now being accepted for all grade levels (K-12). 

**All REQUIRED paperwork must be submitted together, incomplete applications will not be processed. Paperwork can be returned to the 29th Street Front Office.

 Once your application is completed and all paperwork submitted and previous school records will be requested.

What Families Are Saying

I truly believe that the rules laid out and what's expected of the kids, gives structure to their daily routine. I don't think my child would have had the same education at our public schools.

-Shannan Bush

We chose APA 10 years ago for our children and absolutely love the family atmosphere. The values that have been instilled in our students is amazing. The teachers, administrators, coaches and staff are second to none. We Love APA!

-Shawn Justice

Great school to send your children too. High standards great academics with an up and coming athletic department.

-David Allen Ring

APA has been a huge part of 3 of our grand children's lives. They have grown, matured and carry APA values. The respect and love for each cadet is amazing. If I lived closer I would volunteer my time to help where ever I could! thank you APA from a very Appreciative Grand Ma!

-Vicki A. Gill

Apply Today

Complete your application online. We are currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for grades K-12 at both Anderson Preparatory campuses.

Application Process

  • Complete the application form

  • APA application review

What you will need to apply:

  • Your student’s birth certificate

  • Proof of residency
    (current utility bill)

  • Immunization records or signed waiver

Enrollment Team

Meet the APA enrollment team responsible for enrollment, registration, orientation, and attendance

Capt. Shively

Capt. Shively


Capt. Shively is our school registrar and has been with us since 2009! She is an integral force behind APA and is the friendly face you’ll see when enrolling your future cadet. She will handle everything from your inquiry email to approving your paperwork for enrollment.
School tours are her thing and we think she perfectly encapsulates the essence of APA with just a walk around our building(s). Schedule one today to help make your future cadet’s dreams take flight! 

Capt. Rue

Capt. Rue

Director of Communications

Capt. Rue has been with APA since 2012, first as a student teacher, a classroom teacher, and now Director of Communications. She works behind the scenes for enrollment.

School Tours We’d love to show you around! The best way to feel the Anderson Preparatory Academy difference is to experience it for yourself. Witness firsthand the distinctive learning environment we create for our students, the quality of the student/teacher relationships, and the unique academy atmosphere that permeates everything we do.    Schedule a tour using the form on this page and we’ll give you and your student a safe, socially distanced, behind-the-scenes glimpse at what you can expect from one of the best schools in Anderson.

We are passionate about developing young leaders through the support of our community, the talent of our educators, and the strength of our military connection. To provide students with the support and tools to grow as scholars, leaders, and citizens. Upon graduation, our cadets have the awareness and credentials to choose the best post-secondary path for them.

The Anderson Preparatory Academy is open to all applications who are residents of Indiana without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or identification, or disability. In making positive affirmation of this policy the Academy is guided by both the letter and the spirit of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the Higher Education Act of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.